The Ruidoso River Raccoons is a State Accredited, Five Star preschool program. We offer a full-day, year-round early childcare and education program for children and their families with an age-appropriate curriculum. Our Curriculum is based on play as the primary mode of learning, utilizing hands-on activities in a variety of learning centers both inside and outside. Our Pre-K Program, which has been the recipient of the New Mexico PreK Grant for the past ten years, is now part of the Extended Day Pilot Program from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  This program includes continuous child observations and assessments (based on 23 individual educational indicators). These are followed by family conferences at least three times during the school year. The children are actively engaged with lots of opportunities to make choices, experiment & explore, as we promote the children’s social/emotional development. We encourage them to make their own decisions and respect and guide these choices. We are strong believers in learning through play to stimulate imagination and sharing. Verbal skills, patience, enthusiasm and interest in learning, are all accomplished through hands-on activities and conversations throughout the day prompted by the other children and adults.

We stress healthy, nutritious meals with family-style dining as part of the Adult & Child Care Food Program (CHIN). This includes health and personal hygiene and daily naps. The children get plenty of exercise and fresh air in a beautiful forest-like setting that is off the beaten path and secluded from traffic. Our creative outdoor play and nature areas foster gross motor skills and fun. Lots of variety keeps everyone happy and content.



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