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Announcement: New Mexico Prek Site

Effective July 1, 2017, the New Mexico PreK website will only display information for CYFD PreK providers.
To access the EPICS system, click here CYFD EPICS system.

Information regarding PED PreK providers can be found at this location PED PreK.

If you have questions about your student's registration or enrollment in a NM PreK program, please contact the program or school that your student will be attending.

If you are a NM PreK program and have database questions, please call ECSC Database Services at (505) 277-0469 or 1-855-NMDATA (663-2821).

The State of New Mexico PreK Initiative

New Mexico PreK is a voluntary program funded by the state of New Mexico. The PreK program began in 2005 to ensure that every child in New Mexico has the opportunity to attend a high quality early childhood education program before going to kindergarten.

The Purpose of New Mexico PreK

  • Increase access to voluntary high-quality pre-kindergarten programs
  • Provide developmentally appropriate activities for New Mexico children
  • Expand early childhood community capacity
  • Support linguistically and culturally appropriate curriculum
  • Focus on school readiness
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Teachers carefully plan indoor and outdoor activities based on what children need to learn in seven areas:

  • Listening, language, reading and writing
  • Science
  • Counting, shapes, sorting and measuring
  • Coordination, hygiene, health and well-being
  • Art, music and movement
  • Independence, problem-solving, thinking and perseverance
  • Appropriate behavior, social skills and being a part of a group.
You won't see children sitting quietly at desks in a PreK classroom. PreK children are active - busy - working.

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