Little FootPrints Early Childhood Development Center is a dual language program to provide high-quality Early Childhood Education experiences. Located at 119 E Davis St, Hatch NM, 87937. We offer the FREE state-funded New Mexico Early 3K Plus Pre-K and 3Y PreK programs from Monday through Thursday from mid-August through May. Children meeting the age requirements (must be 3 or 4 years old by September 1st) are eligible for selection for the Pre-K Program regardless of income or disability. We ensure that all children have a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack. Our philosophy of Little FootPrints is based on the belief that the children should be treated with equality, respect, and love and accepted as a unique and valuable individual. The focus is on a developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Education provided in the context of a family-centered approach. We recognize families as their child’s primary and most important teachers. For this reason, we consider families to be a critical part of our program. Families are encouraged to participate in their child’s education by volunteering in the classroom, participating in parent meetings, parent-teacher conferences, events, and activities that are planned throughout the year.

The majority of our day is spent learning through play in a variety of planned activities such as: small and large group times, outside play, meal time and story time, and self-selection time with learning centers such as: numeracy, art, literacy, writing, science, dramatic play, and blocks. We strive to promote a healthy social and emotional environment in which children develop self-regulation and social skills that are the basis for a lifetime of success.

Little Footprints uses the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines and curriculum cycle to assist in the planning of developmentally appropriate activities for each child. Student progress is monitored using the New Mexico PreK Child Observational Assessment Tools that are aligned to New Mexico’s Early Learning Outcomes and Essential Indicators.

The information gained through authentic observational assessments related to the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) is used to inform parents and plan individualized curriculum activities and strategies to help each child grow and develop. A cycle of observation, reflection, planning, and implementation is the basis for all curricular planning. Teachers implement strategies and modify activities to better meet the needs of each child based on documented observations of each one’s successes and challenges. (NM Early Leaning Guidelines, p16). Family home values, beliefs, experiences, and language inform the curriculum process. To support the curriculum process, teachers participate in weekly mentoring and coaching sessions with the administrative team during center hours.

Mailing Address: 119 E Davis St. Hatch NM 87937
Phone: (575) 267-4111 Cell: (575) 993-3440



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