Little Lambs New Mexico PreK Programs include a Basic Pre-K class for 20 four-year-old children and a Basic Early Pre-K class for 10 three-year-old children. Little Lambs is a 3 Star FOCUS Center located at 300 West College Avenue in Silver City, New Mexico. Our PreK hours of operation are from 8:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday. We keep an ongoing wait list for families interested in this free early childhood development program. We also offer wrap around care during our normal daycare hours of operation from 7:30am to 5:30pm and are open additional holidays not offered on the PreK Programs Calendar. Breakfast and lunch are provided during PreK Program hours. Afternoon snack is provided for children staying during the wrap around care hours. Our meals are nutritious and planned under the My Plate Five Food Groups program, which provides all recommended components including; dairy, fruit, grains, vegetables, and protein. We also have a garden which students not only participate in planting and caring for, but are also able to enjoy eating from. Little Lambs incorporates healthy eating habits by introducing engaging activities and curriculum throughout the entire center.

Little Lambs New Mexico PreK Program provides children with a play based learning environment in a fun, safe, and loving atmosphere. Each classroom has a Lead Teacher and an Educational Assistant with Bachelor’s and Associates Degrees in Early Childhood Development, or they are currently students in the field. We use emergent curriculum with developmentally appropriate practices to provide the highest quality of education for every child participating in our program. Our philosophy is centered on preparing our students for school through listening, language, reading, writing, science, counting, shapes, sorting, measuring, coordination, hygiene, health, well-being, art, music, and movement. Little Lambs students stay busy and are encouraged to learn independence, problem solving, thinking, perseverance, and appropriate social behavior for their age while being part of a group. We believe every child is an artist and has a story to tell. At Little Lambs our teachers recognize that every child learns differently and deserves the opportunity to grow and develop in a comfortably guided atmosphere.



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