Presbyterian Medical Services Pre-K of Farmington, NM

PMS Mission Statement: Presbyterian Medical Services designs and delivers quality, accessible, integrated health, education and human services in response to identified community needs of the multi-cultural people of the Southwest. Philosophy Statement: To provide enhanced access to high quality child care services that foster physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth for young children in Environment that promote best practices including but not limited to; gross and fine motor activities, exposure to print and Literacy activities, Socialization, multi-cultural experiences, numeracy, and life skills using full inclusion strategies intended to prepare them for success now and in the future. Classroom staff members assist children by role-modeling, providing support for emerging skills, developing and providing materials that children are interested in and supporting children in using language and making positive choices while working in the learning environment.

Curriculum Statement: Our goal is to provide your child with a happy, nurturing classroom environment that is based on active learning, developmentally appropriate practices, and activities that build self-esteem. Children learn through play. We encourage you to help plan and get involved with the activities in your child’s classroom and at home. Our curriculum is based on the Creative Curriculum system, which is directed by your child’s interests and developmental level.

Program Information: PMS Farmington Head Start has a Pre-K program located at the Carlton site. This classroom currently serves 16 Pre-K children and their families. The Pre-K program is provided at no cost to families. Our extended day program is offered Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.



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