PB&J Family Services is a NM Pre-Kindergarten site located in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. PB&J is a 5 Star, NAEYC accredited program providing high quality educational services to a classroom of 20 children. Children attend Monday-Thursday from 9:00-3:00pm. Transportation is offered and available to all children enrolled in Pre-K.

PB&J Mission & Philosophy

PB&J’s mission is to help at risk children to grow and develop to their full potential in nurturing families within a supportive community.

PB&J’s philosophy focuses efforts on the family as a unit, as well as on individual family members. This approach takes into account the powerful and unique reciprocal relationship between parent and child, and the impact they have on one another. PB&J believes by enhancing the family member’s-sense of self-worth and competency, this will strengthen each individual’s ability to develop as a capable and responsible citizen of our community.

PB&J Pre-K Curriculum

We follow the Creative Curriculum-a research based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that maximizes opportunities for preschool children’s learning through play and other hands-on activities. The creative curriculum classroom follows a consistent daily routine which incorporates a large amount of time for children to engage in natural play while adults interact with them to challenge their thinking and further their development.

What we do today affects generations to come ……… PB&J Motto



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