The Conjunto Preschool mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children and families learn and grow, feeling socially and emotionally competent as they transition to kindergarten.

Conjunto is licensed with New Mexico and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Conjunto was awarded extended day funding for Early PreK and PreK sessions. Children are in our program from 8:30am to 3:15pm, Monday – Thursday. Breakfast, lunch and a shared snack are provided to all children. A short rest period is also a part of the extended day program.

Conjunto, which means “All Together”, is a state funded PreK program with a therapeutic focus. Conjunto includes children with special needs, children who have experienced emotional trauma, and children who are peers. The preschool provides an environment with developmentally appropriate educational resources and staff care in the context of nurturing relationships. By integrating different children we hope that children learn from each other and grow up more accepting of differences. The staff believes that children learn through play and play to learn. The integrated enrollment has far-ranging benefits, including: 1) Early identification and appropriate referrals with consistent follow-up. 2) Development of individualized learning plans to promote growth in all areas of development; 3) Outreach and direct support for parents/caregivers; and 4) Environment that promotes tolerance and diversity.

The special focus of the preschool is the socio-emotional development of children. Conjunto staff seeks to foster self-esteem, curiosity, cooperative behaviors, purposefulness, and constructive expression of feelings. Through the PreK state funded program, staff focuses on growth in all areas of children’s development (language, motor, cognitive, and self-help). These social and emotional measures are the basis of later school success. This success is based on knowing HOW to learn, not simply a list of facts and skills. Conjunto provides children with the opportunity to experience close and stable relationships with adults who show empathy and understanding. Children also have the opportunity to learn about and share feelings with friends in school. Children’s progress is closely monitored using the Early Learning Guidelines established by the state of NM PreK program. Staff uses anecdotal observation, consultation, and a variety of screening tools that look at children’s development. The observations are used in curriculum planning for the program and individual children. In collaboration with the public schools, children with IEP’s receive services at the PreK program.

The curriculum has a multi-cultural emphasis, with a range of activities developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. Parents are encouraged to participate and share stories, talents, ideas and materials with the class. Field trips and visitors from the community are important activities that foster cultural and community awareness. Family involvement is an essential part of the Conjunto philosophy and practices. Families are given the opportunity to set individual goals for their child, and to discuss with teachers any concerns that may come up. Moms, dads, grandparents, and guardians are strongly encouraged to participate in the preschool’s daily sessions, and learning activities. Counseling, parent consultation and play therapy services are also available to all families.



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