Carlos Rey Child Development Pre-K Program is located at 1810 Delgado SE. We are located adjacent to Carlos Rey Elementary School and the Carlos Rey Public Library. Being so close to the library enables us to attend story time on a weekly basis. We collaborate with Carlos Rey Elementary School to transition our students to kindergarten by making visits to the kindergarten classrooms in the spring and by maintaining professional contact with the kindergarten staff and the school principal. We have monthly parent meetings. We take our children on many community outings which include the park, the science learning center, and the zoo. We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our staff is bilingual which allows us to communicate with Spanish and English speaking children and their families.

Our yearly program begins in August and ends the following July. Our calendar schedule is not the same as the Albuquerque Public Schools because we are part of the City of Albuquerque’s Division of Child and Family Development Services. All children enrolled in Pre-K attend our year-round program. We can offer parents who are working or going to school wrap-around childcare services before or after Pre-K sessions, which are paid for by families on a sliding fee scale. Times for wrap around services will be determined by family work or school schedules. Our Pre-K program strives to provide quality care and education in a safe learning environment that is child-centered with a developmentally appropriate curriculum which includes early literacy, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, fine and gross motor development, language and communication skills, creative development and social-emotional competency.



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