Kids Planet Child Development Center strives to help all children develop a positive self-image. The Center recognizes that children need clearly defined limits set in a non-threatening yet firm environment. At Kids Planet Child Development Center, it is believed that every child learns within the context of relationships and through playful interactions within their environment and need the opportunity to explore, to experience, to play, to learn and … to succeed. This is accomplished through a variety of activities designed to enthusiastically engage children in decision making, analyzing, comparing and by expressing their thoughts and opinions. We are continuously improving our services by incorporating effective methods, models and research in our work with children, through the opportunity of making choices, supporting positive social relationships and experience their consequences, children learn not only academically but also learn life’s social skills, to include incorporating a bilingual curriculum. All curriculums are delivered by teachers that are knowledgeable in growth, development, and experiences of individual children in a dynamic, ever-changing method of play in an effort to provide children with exposure to many sensory experiences Kids Planet believes working together as a partnership is a great benefit to the child who may be having difficulties with the pressure of school and everyday life events. We also provide transportation for Pre-k and before and after care if needed.



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