At Children’s World Child Development Center, it is believed that children need the opportunity to explore, to experience, to play, to learn and….to succeed. This is accomplished through a variety of activities designed to enthusiastically engage children in decision making, analyzing, comparing and by expressing their thoughts and opinions. Through the opportunity to make choices and experience their consequences, children learn not only academically but also learn life’s social skills. All curriculums are delivered in a dynamic, ever-changing method of play in an effort to provide children with exposure to many sensory experiences. For example, science exploration is conducted with hands on age appropriate experiments which demonstrate a lively result/lesson; dramatic play allows children to act out a variety of scenarios and for them to experience the different viewpoints of characters firsthand. Children’s World believes when activities are delivered to children in a non-threatening atmosphere, they can grow in their knowledge and learn that “learning” can be achieved through playful environments while reaping the reward of knowledge.



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