At Blue Bird we want our families to feel welcomed, valued, and respected by program administrators and teachers, and to make an impact on the program environment. Program leadership supports all staff to build relationships, both with each other with families and communities. Staff and families work together to set expectations and support family goals and children’s learning and development in culturally and linguistically responsive ways. Two-way communication and relationship building with families are adapted to meet changing family and community circumstances. In addition, opportunities are provided for family support and development through the family partnership process and through intentional parent/family peer groups within the program.

We are committed to helping your child grow in self-esteem, self-worth and understanding of themselves and the world around them. Each classroom is designed with discovery stations that encourage learning in 6 developmental areas: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, motor and language.

With our commitment to education and outstanding child care, Blue Bird Day Care & Learning Center is accredited at both the state and national level. Through the state, we are accredited by the State of New Mexico Office of the Secretary of Education; nationally, we are accredited by the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA). Additionally, Blue Bird Day Care & Learning Center has a 5-Star license status from the Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD). We have two NM Pre-K sessions running simultaneously from 8:30-3:30 Monday through Thursday this includes breakfast, lunch and snack. Blue Bird Day Care & Learning Center also provides wrap around childcare for our families from 6:30 a.m-6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Families are engaged as equal partners in their children’s learning and development. To make an impact in engaging families as equal partners in children’s learning and development, staff and families work together to build strong relationships that support information sharing with each other about children’s learning and developmental progress. Programs ensure that families have access to information about their child and that the information is understandable and meaningful. Parents share their knowledge about their child’s interests and progress at home, and together staff and families use this information to set and work toward goals for the child in the classroom, home, and community.



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