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UNM Taos Center for Early Learning (Kids Campus) is a NAEYC accredited program. UNM Taos Kid’s Campus is committed to providing the diverse families of the Taos Community with the highest quality early childhood experience. Located at the UNM Taos Klauer Campus, we provide UNM/Taos students with a convenient, on-site facility for their childcare needs, while also providing a state-of-the art laboratory school for training and education of Early Childhood Education students. We welcome families from the greater Taos community as well. We believe that curriculum should be a collaborative effort between teachers, children, parents and community members. We consider our curriculum to be a living entity, emerging and growing from the needs and interests of our children. Our curriculum recognizes the equal importance and critical interrelationships of social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. Our program supports children’s learning through a play-based environment and activities that encourage the development of concepts and skills that are foundational for school success.

NM PreK and Early PreK hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30-3:00. Wrap around services available 3:00-5:30 and Fridays 7:30-5:30.

1157 County Road 110
Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

County: Taos

License ID: 138883

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