Chaparral Family Development Center

Site Description

Chaparral Family Development Center (CFDC) is a day care center that provides Early Pre-K and Pre-K services to the families in Chaparral NM. CFDC is a Four Star Center in Chaparral NM. The center is currently participating with the FOCUS Pilot Program. Chaparral Family Development Center is the result of a long struggle of a group of woman to create a place and space for healthy, family development opportunities. The center hosts other projects such as a community garden and a Head start program. Our mission is to provide a stimulating environment in which children learn through active learning. We provide experiences that give dignity and respect to all children and respect the individual and cultural differences of families. Our curriculum promotes the personal growth and self-awareness of children and their families. CFDC provides stable wages and ample professional development opportunities for the staff members and contributes to the general social and economic development of Chaparral.
CFDC current hours of operation for our child care are Monday – Friday 5:00 am – 6:30 pm
Hours for the Early Pre-K and Pre-k Sessions are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

250 County Line Rd
Chaparral, NM 88081

County: Dona Ana

License ID: 134643

Facility/Home Provider:

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