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Contractor: Mescalero Apache School Contractor ID: 4605
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Our program consist of two sessions of 32 Mescalero Apache children. We have two highly qualified teachers and two Educational Assistants. Our philosophy is that children are our future. How we treat and educate our young children will affect our future. We believe that positive early childhood experiences affect children's achievements and attitudes throughout their school careers and lives. By focusing on strengths-what a child can do-development in all areas can be achieved in a positive, natural,, and meaningful way. With this positive influence,children will gain academic, social, physical and emotional success. We consider the best learning environment to be one in which children are actively engaged. Young children need to create their own knowledge and express themselves creatively in order for meaningful learning experiences to take place. When children are actively engaged in their learning, they begin to take ownership or their education. Young children learn through active involvement with concrete objects. They need many first hand experiences with real things., such as science experiences, constructions, art projects, dramatic play , cooking, and field trips. Young children are natural learners-they are curious, interested, and enthusiastic about learning new things. The best way to teach children is to build on play and their natural learning styles. Play is what children do best and enjoy the most. For children, play is their work. Play fosters total development and should be integrated into everything children do. Learning is not isolated, but should be connected and integrated in all ares of the curriculum . Learning should also focus on the whole child by meeting their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. We believe children can be independent learners if they are excited about school and enthusiastic about learning. Children who have a strong foundation, and confidence in their abilities will have skills that will help them to become lifelong learners.

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Program Number: 900-019
Primary Contact: Beltran, Carlos
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