Kid's Kountry Campus

Site Description

Kid’s Kountry Campus is situated on NMSU owned land and has been the official child care center for the university for 20 years. It is within walking distance of the university campus and services many university students and their children. Greg and Karen Sowards and Abe and Cody Sowards have been operating this center since September of 2012. Many of our staff is bilingual. Our teachers are highly trained in Early Childhood. The Teachers take on-going training classes and truly love working with children. At this location the PreK class is held from 8am- 2pm and has 10 PreK spots. The PreK teacher has her Early Childhood Education Degree. The PreK classroom is large and well-appointed with child-sized furniture, interest center materials and direct access to the outdoor playground. Family/Teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the year to discuss progress and to set goals.

1815 Wisconsin
Las Cruces, NM 88001

County: Dona Ana

License ID: 155467

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